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    Most greedy traders mix up Forex trading with the casino. They do not understand trading in investment sector and going to a casino and playing game is not the same. There is much difference between these twos and if you do not know the difference, you will keep on random trading in Forex. We have been telling the traders for a long time that they need to trade the market with their eyes open and ears hearing all the market news. It is not your lucky game where you can be lucky and win millions. Every trader wins their trades through their strategy and market analysis.

    There is nothing call luck in the investment industry. If you can do the perfect analysis and follow proper discipline then success is inevitable. On the contrary, if you trade like a greedy trader then it won’t take much time to lose your entire trading account. In fact, the professional traders in Singapore often tell the new traders not to expect any profit from this market for the first two years. During your early stage of your trading career, your main concern should be on saving your investment and learning all the trading skills.

    There is no luck in trading
    The difference between Forex and casino is it is where the luck is on the driver seat. You do not have anything to do to win money. Most of the time, many people win jackpots in casinos and they really do. Do not think these people cannot get these monies out of the casino. They really win millions of dollars and the casino is still profitable. Because they know they had racked much money from the people who had not won than giving away the money who had won the jackpots. This is where they saying: The House always wins” comes from. You bet your money on luck and you do not know if you can make it or lose it.

    In Forex things get different. You are going to trade on a market which is financial and there is no such thing as luck. If you try to trade the market as a random market, you are going to lose all your money in CFD trading. This is what all traders do when they are trading. They simply begin to randomly trade the market. They think of this as a casino game where they need to place a trade and make money. It is dependent on your strategy and market trend. If you place a trade on market and the market is not going in that trend, you are going to lose money. It is not like playing poker in a casino where you can wish for luck favor you. If you do not know that trading in Forex is through like a trading platform but not on luck, you should quit trading. It is better to quit Forex and save your money before you blow up your money in Forex.

    Forex millionaire
    Those who are making tons of money by trading the live assets are the Forex millionaire. Regardless of the economic performance of the country, you can make money as long as you trade with discipline. But finding the quality trading signals requires extreme knowledge and discipline. As a new currency trader you should not look for potential profit factor rather you should take care of your trading skills. Consider trading as your alternative source of income as long as you are not confident with your trading performance. In fact, some Singaporean traders demo trade the market for more than one year’s only to ensure their fund’s safety. The more you will learn the better you will understand the market movement. Never rely on the complex trading system rather try to develop something simple which will help you to execute quality trades with precise stop loss and exit point.

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